About me

“Poetry is the art of creating imaginary gardens with real toads.” – Marianne Moore

Raised on Jean M. Auel and Juliet Marillier, I’ve never known a world without magic or intrigue. Well, that’s not entirely true. Reality has been trying its damnedest to have me survive on small talk and spreadsheets, which is why I try my best to connect to as many fantasies as possible, as often as possible.

My name is Rachel, or 瑞秋 if you like. Educator and Chinese translator by trade, I’m obsessed with other people’s reality and language – and probably enjoy breaking them down and blending them together a little too much.

I’ve included some synopses of my work on this site, mostly to prove to myself that I’m legitimate. I hope one day to make real toads, in imaginary gardens. To help someone, like those authors who have helped me understand myself and the real world through a fantastical lens.